Banktech Buzz Bars


The Banktech Buzz Bars are designed to integrate with the Banktech banksticks, stage sticks and pod to form the Banktech Rod Holding System the Banktech buzz bars offer a host of features for the specimen angler not found together on any other products available today.

The Banktech Buzz Bars have an Integrated 4 position quick release on each head eliminating the need for extra unsightly extensions on top of the buzz bar sockets also eliminating the need for spacers as your alarm or butt rest is only ever 90 degrees from position on initial fitting to the sockets.
The hubs have integrated indicator threads 2ba on the front and 5mm on the back eliminating the need of hockey sticks.


The design of the quick release allows the use of one, two or three banksticks to be used without the need for the additional expense of goal post converters.

The Banktech Buzz Bars are fixed length and available in 6 sizes. Narrow gap between rods to suit smaller reels of 6 inch 2 way, 12 inch 3 way and 18 inch 4 way. Wide gap between rods to suit big pit reels of 7 inch 2 way, 14 inch 3 way and 21 inch 4 way.


•Robust and durable high grade stainless steel construction
•Integrated 4 position quick release.
•Integrated 2ba and 5mm indicator threads.
•Full flexibility to use one, two or three banksticks, stage sticks or pod.
•Manufactured and hand finished in house by Banktech Precision Engineering in England.

size/number of rods

b1 b2 b4


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