Banktech Mini Tripod Camera Mount



If you’re looking for a top quality mini tripod camera mount to suit virtually every smart phone out there, then look no further! Constructed entirely from high grade stainless steel, the Banktech Mini Tripod Camera Mount is incredibly robust and is designed to last a lifetime – unlike many plastic camera mounts out there which rarely last a season!

The Banktech Mini Tripod Camera Mount has been designed in conjunction with our short session angling consultant Julian Grattidge, who when not busy running is out on the banks trying to snatch a few hours fishing or at most, a quick overnight session. The brief was to design a durable, easy to use and lightweight camera mount which could be used to capture self-take images with a smart phone. Julian had tried various types of mounts, many of which despite being advertised as fitting all phones did not, and those which did were often of incredibly poor build quality and prone to failure.
We wanted to ensure our mount would fit all smart phones and last indefinitely so set about designing a mount that could be fitted in seconds constructed from high grade stainless steel. Following several prototypes and months of testing on the bank, we’re pleased to launch the Banktech Mini Tripod Camera Mount – your search for a quality phone camera mount is at an end!

– Adjustable central thread fits all phones with a width between 6cm and 8.5cm
– Ideal for fishing, camping, trekking, rambling, hobby and leisure use
– Fits any standard mini-tripod thread (¼ British Standard Whitworth)
– Durable and robust high grade stainless steel construction
– Takes only seconds to mount and adjust
– Lightweight at just 78g / 2.7oz
– Packs down neatly to just 10.5cm tall
Designed & made in England by Banktech precision engineering

The Banktech Mini Tripod Camera retails at £14.99

UK / Euro P&P


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