Banktech Rod Pod


The final part of the Banktech Rod Holding System designed with hard standings in mind where banksticks or stage stands cannot be used.

The starting point was stability and rigidity so hinges and folding have been removed and four individually adjustable legs at the corners also helps here. The versatility of the Banktech Rod Pod allows the specimen angler to position the rod tips down to the water or with the use of extended sticks and support knuckles rods can be set perpendicular to the ground to get tips right up for fishing in weedy situations.


The Banktech Rod Pod works in conjunction with Banktech Buzz Bars and Banksticks to give rock solid stability with easy adjustability. The tommy locking on the sticks give a no slip grip on the bankstick and a location hole in the pod legs eliminates slip in the main frame.
With quality and versatility combined with a small pack down the Banktech Rod Pod sets the standard for future pods.


•Robust and durable high grade stainless steel construction
•Available with or without buzz bars (if you already have Banktech Buzz Bars and are expanding your Banktech kit)
•6/7/12/14/18 inch pack down to 19 inches long, 21 inch to 21 inch.
•2 way pods have one length extension bar 3&4 way have two.
•Manufactured and hand finished in house by Banktech Precision  Engineering in England.

Full Pod inc Buzz Bars – Size/Rods

Pod without Buzz Bars – Rods/Size

pod2 pod3 pod4


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